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Checkout remote Git branch

Owing to our software development had been outsourced, here is the delivery process as function completion: 

As outsourced programmer completed his/her own function, he/she need to go to Gitlab to create a merge request to remind us:

Then we need to checkout his/her branch which he/she pushed to do code review.

Assume our initial branch is master, then there is the process to check out remote Git branch:

  • 1. Team => Remote => Fetch From...

  • 2. Click "Next"
  • 3. You can find out the branch name in merge request no matter in Gitlab or email. Hence, configure the source and destination ref. And click "Finish" button.

  •  4. Click OK

  • 5. Team => Switch To => Other..

  • 6. Remote Tracking => select specific branch name => Checkout.

  • 7. Checkout

  • 8. Click "Finish"

  • 9. We had changed from master to "DBM915R_new_function"

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