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Top 6 Success Factors to Inspire a Team of Software Engineers

"You need a real vision, the trust of team members, the accountability for execution and a lot of passionHigh emotional intelligence will be important to give advice and support in an appropriate way.  Don't forget to have strong luck and fortune."


3 Recommendation on Software Management

Contractor is not an employee
In software management, is normally best practice, well used, to use contractors for development, to train new employees or to make innovation analysis on new technologies. You should not use contractors for maintenance jobs.

Never buy from the same Vendor. Competition is the key to keep control
Market and Competition are the key. Buy from different vendor and make them compete to deliver better quality. If you successfully make it, you will gain control and you will simplify the replacement of people, if needed. 
A good manager is going to give to any company the same possibility and opportunities to get visibility and to struggle to delivery in time and with quality. 

Don’t ask or impose people to decommission themselves
If you have the mandate to rebuild or replace some legacy project or application, you should never ask to do that to people that have worked there for more than 2 years. The obvious consequence is a lot of resistance and contrast on your way to get your mission.
I personally would create a team (not bigger than 5 people, but depends) with basically three different roles: 1 business expert (or Product Owner), 1 technical lead and developers (50 % of them can be an offshore team after the first 4/6 months). The legacy team would be in charge of the legacy documentation, and to support the new team on the implementation. They  would communicate only with the business expert.


How to extract unique distinct values from a column

Unique distinct values are all cell values but duplicate values are removed.

Example sheet - How to remove duplicate values
Column A contains names, some cells have duplicate values. 

Step 1. Select column which have duplicate values

Step 2. Click REMOVE DUPLICATE button

Step 3. Click OK button

Step 4.  Click OK button

Step 5. Get distinct value



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Tips on how to write a clean and meaningful code

Tip: Names for variables and methods/functions
Tip: Comments may be misleading
Tip: Separate method/function for each task
Tip: Separate classes if possible
Tip: Don't repeat yourself
Tip: Handle the exceptions
Tip: As few arguments for functions as possible
Tip: Leave SOME whitespace