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Becoming A Better Developer

  • Motivation
    • If you’re not growing, you’re dying…
  • Confidence
    • Good developers are usually quite confident in their abilities. Why? Because they know that they have put in the effort to truly understand what they are talking about. Be confident in what you know.
  • Choose Concepts Over Implementations
    • If you understand the concepts, that enables two things. 
      • First, you can use those concepts in other languages with ease. But far more importantly it lets you think abstractly about different ways to solve a problem. 
      • It also lets you learn from other communities. So rather than waiting for somebody else to solve a problem in your language, or looking for help in your language, you can look anywhere for help. 
  • Read At Least One Book per Week (well~it's very difficult for me >_<)
    • There are two main things that you’ll benefit from with this approach. 
      • First, by reading actual books, you’ll focus on exploring a concept in depth.
      • The second advantage to the one-book-per-week approach is that it will make you push your boundaries. 
  • Share Your Knowledge
    • The best way to learn is to teach.
  • Become a Mentor
    • The important thing is to look at the mistakes they are making and help them to understand why they are making the mistake. The obvious benefit here is that you are “paying back” the community and investing in the future of the industry.

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