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6 Tips to Stay Focused on Project Deadlines

1. Be a perfectionist
If you always look for that perfect design (nothing wrong with this, by the way) you will find yourself spending more time analyzing then actually finishing the project. This needs to be worked out, as the client expects you to finish your work on time. 

2. Pre-defined time for each task
A solid plan means working on a specific task one at a time. This will ensure you stay fully focused on the one task you have to do and therefore finish earlier or at least in time.

3. Have a daily plan
Having a daily plan is good for your confidence. Keeping a close eye on every phase of a project will likely make you feel better at the end of each day. If you manage to do something every day (and keep track of it) you will feel accomplished more often.

4. Work breakdown structure (WBS)
Having a to-do list might work well for small projects, but once you start working on a larger scale, small lists might not be so effective.
If you have lists with large, complicated activities, checking them off at the end of the day is not likely to happen, therefore you need to break the work down into smaller bits. Having sub-lists with smaller tasks will be more rewarding for you at the end of the day.

5. Larger scale management
Besides the small to-do lists and the WBS you do quite often, having a detailed monthly schedule is also recommended. Planning in advance can’t go wrong when you think of it very well.

6. Reward yourself
It makes you look forward to reaching your goals and to the next week.

" it is impossible to be good at maintaining your schedule if you are not organized."

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