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How to create barcode in iReport

Here is a simple example to create barcode in iReport

1. As user click "Preview" in iReport, it will show dialog to input
2. iReport will generate barcode in "Preview" mode

1. File-->New

 2. Choose "Blank A4"-->Open this Template

 3. Give it a name, barcodeReport, and click Next

4. Click Finish

5. Right click --> Add Parameter

6. Assign "barcodeParam" as its parameter name

7. Show palette: Window-->Palette

8. Click Barcode, Drag and Drop to template

9. Choose "Code128A" as our barcode type, and click "Use Barbecue"

10. A barcode has displayed in our template

11. Click "..." button in "Code Expression"

12. Assign "barcodeParam" in "Code Expression"

13. Click "Preview" to switch into Preview Mode

14. Input random value in this popup window and click OK

15. iReport will generate barcode based on the value you inputed

16. Download barcode reader in your smart phone, iPhone, and scan it to do validation

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