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How to Automatically Add Javadoc and File Headers to Your Source Code

In our project, we need to fix all checkstyle checking errors. One of the most annoying error is missing a Javadoc comment.

We can install an Eclipse Plugin, JAutodoc, to help us.
JAutodoc is an Eclipse Plugin for automatically adding Javadoc and file headers to your source code. It optionally generates initial comments from element name by using Velocity templates for Javadoc and file headers.
Official site:

Where to download?

How to Install?
1. Before you install, please shutdown your eclipse
2. copy two jar files to plugins folder
3. copy one feature folder to features folder

4. Restart Eclipse

How to Use?
Select a single or multiple class(es): right click --> JAutodoc --> Add Javadoc

 JAutodoc will generate comments from element name as shown below
 JAutodoc will generate comments from method name as shown below

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