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SchemaSpy Quick Start

SchemaSpy is a Java-based tool (requires Java 5 or higher) that analyzes the metadata of a schema in a database and generates a visual representation of it in a browser-displayable format. It lets you click through the hierarchy of database tables via child and parent table relationships as represented by both HTML links and entity-relationship diagrams. It's also designed to help resolve the obtuse errors that a database sometimes gives related to failures due to constraints.

Running SchemaSpy
You run SchemaSpy from the command line: java -jar schemaSpy.jar -t dbType -db dbName [-s schema] -u user [-p password] -o outputDir
For further information, please check:

Execution Process
3. execute a command:
java -jar "C:\schemaSpy_5.0.0.jar" -dp "C:\ojdbc6.jar" -t orathin -db dev02 -s ap_tax -host -port 1521 -u ap_tax -p taxtest -schemas AP_TAX -connprops "C:\schemaSpyGUI\properties\" -charset UTF-8 -o "C:\schemaSpyGUI\output" -norows -hq
4. check the output

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Tomek said...

Maybe you will find interesting another blog post about creation of diagrams out of .sql files (with use of SchemaSpy, Groovy and HSQLDB), see