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How to integrate JSF 2.0 with Facelets

1. Create Dynamic Web Project. Assign project name, target runtime, dynamic web module version, and configuration.

2. Click Next

3. Click Next

4. Select JSF 2.0 in user library, and click finish.

5. The Dynamic Web Project had been created. (NOTICE: you won't need jsf-facelets.jar anymore)

6. Edit web.xml. Added one context parameter.

7. You don't need to add view-handler in faces-config.xml

8. Create header template page

9. Create footer template page

10. Create template page. Including header, title, body, and footer area.

11. Create test.xhtml. Apply template.xhtml, and insert new contents into title area and body area.

12. Demo

Compare JSF 1.2 with JSF 2.0 concerning configurations:

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