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Apache Maven Quick Start

M2Eclipse Installation

1. Select Help > Install New Software. This should display the "Install" dialog.
2. Paste the Update Site URL into the field named "Work with:" and press Enter.
Pressing Enter should cause Eclipse to update list of available plugins and components.
m2eclipse Core Update Site:

3. Click Next

4. Choose "I Accept...", and click Next

5. downloading M2Eclipse jar files

6. Restart Eclipse

Create a Maven Project

1. New a project --> Maven Project

2. Click Next

3. Choose"maven-archetype-qiickstart", and click next

4. fill in group id, artifact id, version. Click finish.

5. Your Maven Project had been created.

6. Go to find out specific jar file: For example, I would like to use commons lang in my maven project.

7. Choose specific jar file

8. Copy dependency tag to my pom.xml


9. You can find out commons-lang-2.5.jar had been downloaded.

10. I can import StringUtils in my class.

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