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Applied MyEclipse and JUnit to do Hibernate Code Gen and Testing

• Hibernate Code Generation
• Code Gen Process
• Generate DAO for the four tables
• Artifacts
• Spring Configuration File
• Apply JUnit to do DAOs Test
• JUnit Framework
• How to Test with JUnit?
• Simplified Workflow of Applying JUnit
• Testing Process
• Generate Unit Test Result via Ant

Monitoring Development Statistics with StatSVN

Preemptive Error Detection with FindBugs

Visualizing a Database Structure with SchemaSpy


My First Web Services Example - XFire, Spring, SoapUI

  • Setup Web Services Environment
  • Setup Web Services IDE Environment
  • Install and Validation Process
  • Download Extra Jar Files
  • Buzzwords
  • Web Services Architecture
  • Scenario
  • Deployment descriptors of the Web application
  • Testing Procedure