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Troubleshooting on Tomahawk JSCook Menu

Check Notes and Known issues.
I had faced this issue Place of Menu tag in relation to Forms:
Menus must be placed inside forms starting with Tomahawk 1.1.3.
With regard to how to do configuration in web.xml, please check


java.lang.IllegalStateException: ExtensionsFilter not correctly configured. JSF mapping missing. JSF pages not covered.

Error Message
java.lang.IllegalStateException: ExtensionsFilter not correctly configured. JSF mapping missing. JSF pages not covered. Please see:
    at org.apache.myfaces.renderkit.html.util.AddResourceFactory.throwExtensionsFilterMissing(
    at org.apache.myfaces.renderkit.html.util.AddResourceFactory.checkEnvironment(
    at org.apache.myfaces.renderkit.html.util.AddResourceFactory.getInstance(
    at org.apache.myfaces.custom.navmenu.jscookmenu.HtmlJSCookMenuRenderer.addResourcesToHeader(
    at org.apache.myfaces.custom.navmenu.jscookmenu.HtmlJSCookMenuRenderer.encodeBegin(
    at javax.faces.component.UIComponentBase.encodeBegin(

If you are using servlets 2.4, you cannot do a jsp:forward or request.getDispatcher().forward to any page, because the extensions filter is not executed. Instead you may want to try with a response.sendRedirect(). Therefore, I need to modify to response.sendRedirect("template-client.jsf");


Integrate Seam with Apache Trinidad, Facelets and JPA


  • Seam
  • Seam + JSF
  • Seam Annotation in JSF Implementation
  • Seam + JPA (No need to change)
  • Environment Configuration
  • Use Case
  • Page Flow
  • Class Diagram
  • Sequence Diagram


Re: [jasperreports-questions] IS_IGNORE_PAGINATION parameter

Re: [jasperreports-questions] IS_IGNORE_PAGINATION parameter

I had faced the same problem regarding exprting report to pdf in browser but bring blank page.
The root cause is the IS_IGNORE_PAGINATION had been set into FALSE, so it cannot diaplay correctly.


Highlighting Odd and Even Rows in JasperReports - Brian Burridge

Highlighting Odd and Even Rows in JasperReports - Brian Burridge: "new Boolean( $V{PAGE_COUNT}.intValue() % 2 ==0 )"

In order to highlight odd or even rows with a background color, in JasperReports, first create a rectangle element with a background of your color choice, and send it to the background (in JasperAssistant, right click on the rectangle, choose Arrange and then Send to Back). Second, use the following expression to set when the element should appear, by placing the expression in the Print When Expression field of the rectangle element. Where the $V{PAGE_COUNT} appears, you can use that, to base it on the row number on the page, or use $V{REPORT_COUNT} to base it on the row within the report. Also, if you are using a group, you can use $V{groupname_COUNT} where groupname is replaced with the name of your group. The expression below will then test the row number within the Page, Report, or Group (whichever you selected) and if its divisible by 2, it will display the rectangle element with the background color.


CAS (Central Authentication Service) Enhancement

  • Why SSO (Single-Sign On)?
  • Central Authentication Service (CAS)
  • CAS Installation
  • As-Is and To-be Process
  • Modification Process


CAS Demo Application Installation

CAS Demo Application Installation

including troubleshooting (CAS Demo App. cannot be running correctly)


Joda Time - Java date and time API - Home

Joda Time - Java date and time API - Home

Joda-Time provides a quality replacement for the Java date and time classes. The design allows for multiple calendar systems, while still providing a simple API. The 'default' calendar is the ISO8601 standard which is used by XML. The Gregorian, Julian, Buddhist, Coptic, Ethiopic and Islamic systems are also included, and we welcome further additions. Supporting classes include time zone, duration, format and parsing.


Spring + JPA + TOPLink + DAO Step by Step

  1. Spring + JPA + TopLink + DAO Architecture
  2. Spring/Persistence Config File
  3. Implement DAO – CRUD
  4. Implement ServiceBean
  5. Implement Client Side Code


Spring + JPA + DAO Step by Step

Spring + JPA + DAO Step by Step
  1. Spring + JPA + DAO Architecture
  2. Spring Config File
  3. Implement DAO – CRUD 
  4. Implement ServiceBean
  5. Implement Client Side Code


Java Persistence API (JPA) Step By Step

  • What is Java Persistence API
  • Primary Features
  • Five Steps to Implement JPA
  1. Download Hibernate Components
  2. Prepare Database, and Download JDBC Driver
  3. Implemented POJO entities and add annotations
  4. Persistence.xml
  5. Implemented client side code via EntityManager


Applied MyEclipse and JUnit to do Hibernate Code Gen and Testing

• Hibernate Code Generation
• Code Gen Process
• Generate DAO for the four tables
• Artifacts
• Spring Configuration File
• Apply JUnit to do DAOs Test
• JUnit Framework
• How to Test with JUnit?
• Simplified Workflow of Applying JUnit
• Testing Process
• Generate Unit Test Result via Ant

Monitoring Development Statistics with StatSVN

Preemptive Error Detection with FindBugs

Visualizing a Database Structure with SchemaSpy


My First Web Services Example - XFire, Spring, SoapUI

  • Setup Web Services Environment
  • Setup Web Services IDE Environment
  • Install and Validation Process
  • Download Extra Jar Files
  • Buzzwords
  • Web Services Architecture
  • Scenario
  • Deployment descriptors of the Web application
  • Testing Procedure


Subclipse - the Subversion plugin for Eclipse

  1. What is Subclipse ?
  2. Subclipse Installation
  3. Import Source Code From SubVersion
  4. Troubleshooting