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[Windchill] Cannot do copy & paste in Applet

As I do some operation in Windchill, because of some user interface was done by applet, it is inconvenience for us if we wolud like to copy some texts then paste them into the applet.

It is the security constraints so we cannot do copy and paster in applet window.
We can find out the java.policy file in JRE\lib\security, then append this declaration as bellows:

grant codeBase "http://hostname/Windchill/-" {

[Windchill] IE, IE, IE Affects PTC SW


PTC notes that This issue affects all releases of Windchill and Windchill-based solutions, including Windchill PDMLink, Windchill ProjectLink, Windchill Foundation & PDM, Windchill DynamicDesignLink, and Pro/INTRALINK 8.0 and higher; ProductView clients may also be affected. Some of the problems include:
- Loading the Java plug-in from an updated Microsoft browser may cause it to exit prematurely.
- Launching ProductView Standard Edition plug-in from an updated browser may cause it to become unresponsive.

For more info, check this Web page [].


[ANT] Date of 05/28/2006 07:06 午後 Cannot be parsed correctly. It should be in MM/DD/YYYY HH:MM AM_PM format


As I utilized ant to build program, it throwed exception as bellows:
D:\ptc\Windchill_8.0\customization\wtinstaller.xml:234: Date of 05/28/2006 07:06 午後 Cannot be parsed correctly. It should be in MM/DD/YYYY HH:MM AM_PM format.

About the timestamp in the build script is written as bellows:
<tstamp><format property="myDateTime" pattern="MM/dd/yyyy hh:mm aa"
offset="-${sinceDays}" unit="day" /></tstamp>

Owing to the locale of my environment is Japane, so it will show this kind of error message, we just need to add locale attribute to this element, and set it to be en, then we can resolve this kind of problem.
<tstamp><format property="myDateTime" pattern="MM/dd/yyyy hh:mm aa"
offset="-${sinceDays}" unit="day" locale="en"/></tstamp>


[Windchill] How to modify the value which in property file

xconfmanager -s <property_pair>=<property_value> -t <property_file> -p

s: set (set the key-value pair)
t: target (assign the property file name)
p: propogate (propogate the new value to the specific property file)

if the value has space, remember to use double quote at the start and end, i.e. name="Albert Guo"


[Windchill] java.rmi.ConnectException: Connection refused to host

As I start the method server, it always throw this kind of exception message as bellows and the method server always cannot be start properly:

星期一 5/22/06 16:31:49: main: Warning: exception connecting to master LogicalIdentifierCacheMgr:
星期一 5/22/06 16:31:49: main: java.rmi.ConnectException: Connection refused to host:; nested exception is:
星期一 5/22/06 16:31:49: main: Connection timed out: connect

According to the, it said that windchill use port 5001. But as I telnet it, telnet 5001, it cannot be connect it.
It may result from that port 5001 had been occupied by another applications or this port had been blocked by firewall, so I change the port from 5001 to 5002, then the problem had been resolved successfully.


As I start method server, it throws this kind of exception as bellows. And when I click the Product tab in the windchill, it will produce the same exception:

星期三 5/24/06 14:02:53: Thread-38: Caused by: (com.infoengine.util.IEResource/49) "ptcServiceName=com.ptc.ptcnet.albert.server.taskProcessor,dc=albert,dc=ptcnet,dc=ptc,dc=com,cn=Windchill_8.0,cn=Application Services,o=ptc": 無法使用服務
星期三 5/24/06 14:02:53: Thread-38: at
星期三 5/24/06 14:02:53: Thread-38: at com.infoengine.procunit.adapter.Adapter.getConnection(
星期三 5/24/06 14:02:53: Thread-38: at com.infoengine.procunit.adapter.Adapter.createConnection(
星期三 5/24/06 14:02:53: Thread-38: at com.infoengine.procunit.adapter.Adapter.(
星期三 5/24/06 14:02:53: Thread-38: at com.infoengine.SAK.Task.executeTaskRemotely(
星期三 5/24/06 14:02:53: Thread-38: at com.infoengine.SAK.Task.invoke(
星期三 5/24/06 14:02:53: Thread-38: at com.infoengine.SAK.Task.executeTask(
星期三 5/24/06 14:02:53: Thread-38: ... 10 more

Owning to the service which named
com.ptc.ptcnet.albert.server.taskProcessor does not exist, so it will produce this kind of exception in the method server console.

Change the value of ptcServiceName of com.ptc.ptcnet.albert.Windchill in LDAP.

[Tomcat] Disable Tomcat Cache

As I author jsp files, no matter how I refresh the browser, it always show old data. It's inconvenient for us to do debug

search this keyword org.apache.jasper.servlet.JspServlet in the web.xml(E:\ptc\tomcat5\conf)


But remember to change the value of development to false for the sake of performance.

[Oracle] SP2-0678: 資料欄或屬性類型無法經由 SQL*Plus 顯示

As I use sqlplus to do query, it showed the error message as belows:
SP2-0678: 資料欄或屬性類型無法經由 SQL*Plus 顯示
The sql statement is select * from projec2;

Owing to the column in this table include BLOB data, sqlplus cannot show the BLOB data so it will return this kind of error message.

[Windchill] Load Demo Data to Windchill

(1) windchill wt.load.WindchillLoader -All -IncludeDemo

(2) windchill wt.load.WindchillLoader -All -IncludeDemo -Unattended (no intervention)


[Oracle] Cannot Start OracleOraHome92Agent

As we wanna start OracleOraHome92Agent service, it always cannot be initialized normally.

Root Cause

It's service internal error or windows internal


delete the *.q files which locate at %oracle_home%\network\agent

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